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Principal's Message

Dear Parents / Guardian,

A blessed New Year to all of you and welcome back to a new academic year! A warm and special welcome too, to the parents of our Primary 1 students who have just joined the NTPS family.

I have been with NTPS for 7 years now. When I first joined the school, I planted an Ilex Cymosa as part of Green Wave 2011. Since then, the Ilex Cymosa has grown strong and tall. It is a joy to behold just to take in the sight of the tree that was once a tiny little bush. The growth of the tree is, no doubt, the result of the gardener’s devoted and consistent care. Just like the plant, our students need us, parents and educators, to constantly nurture them to be responsible and contributing individuals with sound moral values. It is imperative that we, the significant adults in the lives of our young, constantly tend to their needs so that they too, like the Ilex Cymosa, will grow strong and tall. With this in mind, I hope that parents will join us in our concerted efforts to teach our students good values so that they will be well grounded for their future ahead.

1. School Vision

I would like to start with articulating our school’s vision of Learning Beyond Borders, Caring Beyond Self.  To achieve our vision, we need your continued support especially in the area of their Character Development. As the African saying goes “It takes a village to raise a child”, I would like to encourage everyone to work together for our students and support the teachers, showing that we adults too, are continually learning beyond borders and caring beyond ourselves so that our children will have good role models to look up to. 

2. School Values

Each colour of the PE T-shirt represents a value. The values and their meanings are as follows:

T-shirt ColourValues (House) What it means 
GreenResilience I can do it!
YellowIntegrity I do the right thing even when no one is watching.
Blue Self-Discipline  I can control myself and my actions 
Red  Love I care and I share 

The tagline: RISe with Love, formed using the initials of the values, will serve to remind us of the school’s emphasis on a values-driven education to prepare students for a future which our previous Minister for Education, Mr Heng Swee Keat, has described as ‘more uncertain and more volatile’. 

This set of values, aligned to our School Vision – Learning Beyond Borders (Resilience and Self-Discipline) and Caring Beyond Self (Integrity & Love), reflects the school’s firm belief in nurturing its young to be ready to face the future with confidence and integrity. Together, I am sure, we can develop each child to be a confident person, a self-directed learner, an active contributor and a concerned citizen.

As part of the school’s Character Education, each term addresses a specific school value as a central theme. The value of Resilience and Integrity will be the themes in Term 1 and 2 respectively. 

3. Holistic Assessment 

In NTPS, Holistic Assessments (HA) are used to build greater confidence and develop a stronger desire for learning in your child. As the emphasis of HA is on skills development and to provide constructive feedback for meaningful learning, there are no examinations for P1 students. However, to prepare students for upper levels, P2 students will take an examination (SA2) at the end of the year. 

4. Remedial Days 

Please note that remedial days, only for selected students, are scheduled on Mondays and Thursdays from 2.15pm to 3pm and from 3pm to 3.45pm. If your child is required to attend any remedial, teachers will send you a consent form through your child.If in doubt, please feel free to email the Form Teachers or Subject Teachers for clarifications.

5. Attendance

We would like to remind parents that students’ absence from school or excuse from school activities must be accompanied by a letter or a Medical Certificate. Please ensure that your child attends school regularly and school-planned activities to ensure continuity and progression in his/her education. If your child is on medical leave, do contact the school before 7.30am.

We also seek your cooperation to support us in nurturing in our students the habit of being punctual and to demonstrate the school value of self-discipline and resilience for their own learning and development. The good habit of punctuality will serve them well in future. For your information, students who are late for more than 5 times in a year will have the conduct grade “Fair” reflected in their Report Book.

6. Monthly Return of Books and Files for Signature

To support your child in his / her journey in school, we would like to encourage parents to play an active role. Books / files will be returned at the end of every month for your signature. We seek your assistance to go through the work done with your child, endorse it and return the books and files as soon as possible so that lessons can progress smoothly.

7. Use of Mobile Devices

To ensure that our students are fully engaged during lessons, mobile phones cannot be used within curriculum time and will be confiscated by the teachers. Parents will then have to make the trip to school to sign for the return of the mobile devices. For your information, there is a telephone placed outside the general office which students can use to call parents in times of need. 

8. Safety & Security Issues

In New Town Primary, our students’ safety is the highest priority and we do not want to wait for an accident to happen before doing anything. When within the school campus (except for the first 3 days of the new school year for all new and P1 parents) all parents / visitors must wear the special passes issued by the security guards. This will enable us to quickly identify unauthorised persons within the school premises. Classrooms, children’s play areas and the canteen are out of bounds to all visitors except parent volunteers on duty. Please report to the General Office for assistance when you arrive in school for pre-arranged meetings.

Every morning, many parents stop along Tanglin Halt to drop their children off for school. This causes congestion along the road and oftentimes, students who are using the pedestrian crossing have to negotiate their way between cars to cross the road. In view of the danger it poses to our students, I would like to appeal to all parents who drive to use the car park opposite the school to drop your children off. I have indicated on the map, the route I would like to request all drivers to take when dropping your children off. Your cooperation will make a huge impact on the safety of your children. Let’s make New Town Primary a safer place for all.

In the event of wet weather, the security will allow parents to drive into the school in the morning to drop your child off or half an hour after dismissal to pick up your children. This is to allow time for the school buses to clear out of the school compound. 


9. Health Matters

To instil healthy eating habits in our students, we encourage parents/guardian to pack for your child healthy snacks or fruits for their daily snack break. One easy way is to look out for the Healthier choice symbol when making food purchases. Do note that Mondays are designated Fruit Snack Day. Please pack a fruit for your child on Mondays.

The school is on the Healthy Meals School Programme (HMSP) – a joint initiative by MOE and Health Promotion Board to cultivate healthy eating habits among students. The school canteen serves set meals for all main meals. These are priced between $1.50 and $2. We look forward to your continued support in cultivating healthy eating habits amongst our students by encouraging them to purchase the set meals. 

10. Withdrawal of Pupil Edusave Fund for Enrichment Programmes

The Edusave Scheme was started by the Government in 1993 to level up educational opportunities for Singaporeans so that students can tap on these funds to participate in enrichment activities and learning experiences conducted by the school. The amount given to each Singaporean student is $200 per year. 

A letter will be sent out shortly to inform you of the range of programmes and activities planned for our students to discover their talents. Most of the programmes are subsidized by the school and you are required to make a co-payment for each of them. If your child / ward is a Singaporean, you are strongly encouraged to sign the Edusave Enrichment Programme Standing Order. In this way, the co-payment amount for enrichment will be deducted seamlessly from his/her Edusave account, subject to the balance available. Non-Singaporean students will have to pay in cash or by cheque.

11. Financial Procedures

School/Miscellaneous fees are to be paid at the General Office between 8.30am to 11.30am and 1pm to 3pm. Parents are encouraged to make payment via GIRO or cheques. If cheques or cash is used, please insist on a receipt each time a payment is made. Parents may also pay online at AXS e-station by selecting “eServices”, followed by “MOE” (eNets/ Mastercard/ Masterpass/ Paylah!) or at any AXS Stations by selecting “Education”, followed by “MOE” (NETS). To locate the nearest AXS Station, please visit http://www.axs.com.sg/axsStation_locations.php 

For courses/enrichment programmes, payment has to be made directly to vendors. Teachers will not be involved in any collection.

12. Communication with Teachers

The school does not require our teachers to provide their personal contact numbers to parents and students. However, some teachers might choose to do so out of goodwill. We would appreciate if you can avoid calling or text-messaging these teachers after 5pm or on weekends, unless it is for urgent matters. Your understanding is much appreciated. 

There are various other means to get in touch with our teachers: 
a) Student's Handbook
Please write your message in the Student's handbook and ask your child to show it to his/her teacher. Our teachers will acknowledge upon reading your note.

b) Email

All our teachers’ email addresses are listed on our school website under About Us – School Staff. They will respond to your emails within three working days.

c) Telephone calls

Please call the office at 6474 8805 for assistance. Do leave your name, child’s name and telephone number for the teacher to return your call when he/she is available after curriculum hours.

13. School Website

The school website contains a lot of information such as the school calendar, notices and educational links. Do make use of it to support your child’s / ward’s learning in school. 

14. Term Letters & Schedule of Activities

In our efforts to go green, from Term 2 onwards, the school will send an email to all parents/guardian with the link to the Term Letter and Schedule of Activities on our school website. Should you require a hardcopy of the above documents, please complete the request form and submit it to the general office. For further clarifications, do email our Admin Manager, Mr David Wong, at wong_khong_toon@schools.gov.sg.

We look forward to fostering a strong partnership with you and on behalf of the school, I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a meaningful year ahead that is filled with joy and good health.


Dr Irene Ng