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An inspiring environment to stimulate creativity and appreciation of the Arts.



Every child involved in the arts.



Mdm Lee Yew Fang (Mrs Hoo)

HOD Aesthetics
Art UnitMusic Unit
 Mdm Loke Shu Fen

Art Coordinator

 Mr Samuel Chong

Music Coordinator

Mdm Nur Mashitah

Art Level Representative

Ms Joan Tan Yi Hui 

Music Level Representative

 Mrs Serena Syu

Art Level Representative

 Ms Lim Wei chi

Music Level representative

Mdm Lee Yew Fang (Mrs Hoo)

Performing Arts Module

Mdm Nur Mashitah

Visual Arts Module

Sports and Games Module

Ms Low Yan Ping

Outdoor Education Module

School Programme Executive   


The Aesthetics department oversees the Arts programmes for students in NTPS. This includes the Art and Music curriculum, school-based programmes (Aesthetics), Programme for Active Learning (PAL) and the Visual Art and Performing Arts CCAs (VPACCAs).



Primary 4 Theatre Experience Programme

The objective for the Theatre Experience Programme is to provide the opportunity for students to attend and enjoy a professional production in a venue built for its art form. We hope that this will raise students’ awareness and whet their appetite for quality performances as they begin their journey as participants of the arts.


Internal Art Competition

NTPS Art competitions are platforms designed to help pupils learn, practice and develop an understanding about what is required when participating in competitions and tso develop their creativity when given a theme/topic  to work with.

a)      National Day Art Competition

‘Home’ is where the heart is… New Townians show their patriotism via the school-based Art competition using their crayons and paintbrushes. Divided into 3 categories, the whole school participates and everyone creates a piece of artwork to celebrate the nation’s independence yearly.

This year, students participate in a special anniversary project as the school celebrates its 50th anniversary with Singapore’s 50th year of independence.

b)      Card Design Competition

To provide more opportunities for NTPS pupils to show appreciation for people around them, the Card Design competition will serve not only to develop their artistic ability but to encourage pupils to actualize our school vision – Caring Beyond Self.



Enrichment modules in NTPS are conducted by qualified, external vendors within curriculum time. These modules are conducted by MOE-certified instructors who are themselves well-versed in the respective art forms.

Ukelele (P3)

The Ukelele enrichment progrmame module seeks to provide an additional opportunity to play an play another instrument, besides the usual classroom percussion instruments and the recorder. It provides students with an additional avenue to express themselves using a small and easy-to-learn instrument.

Digital Music (P4 and P5)

The P4 Digital Music enrichment programme aims to introduce students, through the use of ICT skills, to experience, create, arrange and compose music in this digital age.  Students will have the opportunity to use a music software ‘Mixcraft’ to produce their compositions.

Digital Music (P5)

In the age of the Ipads, it is only right that we provide students with the opportunity to perform and create music using this tool. Primary 5 students will have the opportunity to use ‘Garage Band’ to perform/compose and participate in a myriad of musical activities.

Ceramics (P3)

The NTPS Ceramics programme raises tactile awareness in art creation while allowing students to study and create 3D art works. Students are taught ceramics technique to create their own 3D art works while working with each other provides the opportunity for socio-emotional learning.

Batik Painting (P4)

The importance of being thorough, plan and think ahead are skills learnt while pupils are taught how to create a Batik painting. In this module, pupils will learn how to use the waxing method to define their designs and layer colours to make a vibrant batik painting.

Photoshop (P5)

In the 21st century, students are required to be at ease in the use of technology. The P5 Photoshop module seeks to provide students with the opportunity to learn how to use the software to create artworks.