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InfoComm Technology


Fostering Future-Ready School Community, Empowering Responsible Life-Long Digital Learners.


We nurture self-directed digital learners, empowered to use technology responsibly.


Structured and Progressive ICT Programme

The increasing use of technology in daily lives makes ICT an essential skill for life.  Through this programme, pupils develop their competency in ICT skills.
Primary 1  MsWord (basic, integrated with English) – Term 1
Primary 2 MsWord (intermediate, integrated with English) – Term 2
Primary 3 MsPowerpoint (basic, integrated with English) – Term 3
Primary 4 MsPowerpoint (intermediate, integrated with English) – Term 3
Primary 5 Coding Modules @ICT Lab on Wheels with iMDA – Term 1
Primary 6 Video Editing for Graduation Project – Term 4 (Post PSLE)
Primary 1 to Primary 6 E-Learning Day

Cyberwellness Programme

This programme aims to inculcate cyberwellness principles within the pupils to ensure that the pupils use ICT safely and responsibly. The school conducts cyberwellness lessons for pupils as well as talks for parents.