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Student Leadership

Every NTPS student is a Leader

A holistic education provides students with a broad and deep foundation for lifelong learning. This includes learning not just in the academic areas. Equally important is the development of values and life skills in each child. This will equip the child to handle the challenges in life later on. 

At NTPS, the student learns to lead in the class, co-curricular activities (CCA) and/or the Prefectorial board.

The student will learn that to lead is to:

  • Serve – Every student is given a role to look after an aspect of the class. For example, Class monitor, ICT monitor, Art / Music representative.

  • Work together – In the CCA, the student learns to work with one another towards a common goal.

  • Inspire – As a prefect or a CCA leader, the student learns to be a role-model to his/her peers and rally them for a common cause.