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Values-in-Action (VIA)

What is Values-in-Action (VIA)?

VIA is an important component of Character and Citizenship Education. They are learning experiences that support students' development as socially responsible citizens who contribute meaningfully to the community through the learning and application of values, knowledge and skills. VIA fosters student ownership over how they contribute to the community. As part of VIA, students reflect on their experience, the values they have put into practice, and how they can continue to contribute meaningfully.

VIA Experiences

In NTPS, all Primary 1 to 6 students will be involved in various experiences. Parents are encouraged to participate and reinforce the values taught in school through a segment in the reflection, "Family Time". 

Primary 1
Theme: Care for oneself 
Experience: Develop personal well-being through daily habits
Primary 2
Theme: Care for the school 
Experience: Adopt a school compound
Primary 3
Theme: Care for the school community 
Experience: Collection of used textbooks and uniform
Primary 4
Theme: Care for the school community 
Experience: Anti-bullying campaign
Primary 5
Theme: Care for the community 
Experience: Litter-picking and community sharing on ways to be a good neighbour
Primary 6
Theme: Care for the community 
Experience: Collection of newspapers and community sharing on environmental issues