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Principal's Message


A warm welcome to a new academic year.

Since our inception in Year 1965, the school has kept our promise and commitment to develop and nurture all New Town students to be well-rounded and future-ready individuals who are rooted to our school vision, mission and values. 

New Town Primary prides itself to be a school with a long and rich history. Established 55 years ago as an Integrated School with English and Chinese language as the medium of instruction, New Town was officially declared open by Dr Goh Keng Swee on 26 July 1965, even ahead of Singapore’s independence on 9 August in the same year. It became an English medium school in 1984 and has operated as a single session school since 2004.  The school merged with Ghim Moh Primary School in 2009 and moved to its present campus at 300 Tanglin Halt Road in late 2008.  

Moving into our next new school chapter, the school strives to continue with our drive to nurture our students holistically through the provision of a robust and high-quality education; one that aims to develop all New Town students to become learners who are passionate, thinkers with a critical mind and leaders who are anchored. 

New Town takes pride in designing & providing quality and authentic learning experiences for our students in the various domains. We are guided by the simple but powerful belief that all students should be valued as each one of them is a unique individual with personal gifts, strengths, interests and passion; and the belief that every student wants and is able to learn and succeed if given the space and opportunity to shine.

Recognizing the importance of providing our children with a strong and firm learning foundation, New Town aims to be a good school that constantly challenges and reinvents itself in our on-going pursuit of excellence. A good and reputable school that is committed to develop in our students the necessary values, lifeskills and attitudes that will prepare them to be well-poised to meet their current and future challenges --- students who possess grit and resilience; the ability to think critically, who are thoughtful and who have the correct mindset to learn, unlearn and relearn new skills that are relevant to the needs of the time. 

2019 was a year of pride for the school. In the academic area, New Town has put up a very commendable performance across the different academic subjects at the 2019 PSLE. Numerous awards were also clinched by the students in the various national competitions held this year for the different subject disciplines, including notable achievements in the Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition for English Language, Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools, Raffles Institution Primary Mathematics World Contest and Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad, River Valley Mathematics Challenge as well as the National Environment Quiz and Raffles Institution Liveable Cities Challenge for Science. For Mother Tongue Languages, the school has also clinched awards in the Text Recital Competition for CL, National Malay Language Translation Competition and the Telok Blangah CC Tamil Essay Writing Competition, in addition to the awards achievements attained by 3 Mother Tongue Languages at the ‘My Dream Shop’ Competition. 

New Town is also committed to deepen our students’ learning experiences in the various CCAs through the myriad of opportunities provided in the form of external competitions and programmes. 

Our Red Cross Group has achieved sterling results, attaining GOLD in the Red Cross Excellence Unit Award for 2018, Red Cross Director’s Award and GOLD in the First Aid Competition 2019. Our Brownies have also done the school proud by attaining Silver in the Puan Noor Aishah Award 2019.

The school has also attained commendable achievements in the area of performing arts. Our Choir CCA attained a Silver at the Singapore International Choral Festival, and a certificate of recognition at the Singapore Youth Festival Art Exhibition for Category B. All our performing arts CCAs have also attained new breakthroughs in 2019, bringing learning beyond our school gate by performing in various external community events and competitions including the Singapore Land Authority National Day Observance Ceremony, the PassionArts Festival, the Singapore Youth Festival ‘Celebration in the Community’ event.

The school has also achieved notable results in the area of sports, attaining placing in invitational competitions for basketball, fencing and netball. New Town is also committed to provide varied and meaningful experiences for our students to develop their interest in sports. Some highlights of the programmes included the P1 and 2 Swim Safer Programme, P4 Rock Climbing Programme and the P5 Outdoor Adventure Camp, evident of the school’s continued vibrancy and commitment in growing character through sports.

Our school’s Learning for Life Programme is in the area of Student Leadership. Attained in 2017, our distinctive programme focuses on developing students’ mindsets, behaviors, and skills to be effective leaders in the 21st Century. It provides students with opportunities for experiential learning to develop character and values, and cultivate positive social skills and attitudes. Starting from 2020, the school will adopt the “The Leader in Me – 7 Habits of Highly Effective Students” for our student leadership development. The principles in the 7 Habits equips students with personal and team leadership skills to be effective student leaders at home, in school and in the community. It helps our students to reflect on their daily actions, discover their unique strengths, and set S.M.A.R.T goals that will inspire them to pursue their dreams. We envision that when our students put the 7 Habits in action, they will be empowered to make responsible choices that can affect their day, and relationships with family and friends. 

A new milestone is also reached when the school held it first Community Outreach Event at the Star Vista Plaza in July last year. New Town Ignites! showcase the vibrancy and creative energies of our various performing arts CCAs and featured what & how our children learn in the various domains through engaging and creative activities planned around different stations. The inaugural community event was very well-received and I am personally very proud to see how the event has provided our students with a valuable opportunity to learn and demonstrate their leadership, character and values, while navigating in a new and public setting that is unfamiliar to them. This is Skillsfuture in Action.

In 2019, our students were also given the opportunity to attend a series of exciting and meaningful local and overseas learning journeys. 2 team of students have embarked on overseas learning trips to China (Shanghai and Hangzhou) and Malaysia (Penang) as part of our student leadership, aesthetics and cultural immersion programme.

In 2020, the school will be undergoing a two-year on-site PERI Upgrading. A new 6-storey block will be built on the current school field and parade square. Following the completion of the upgrading in 2021, our teachers and students will enjoy enhanced school facilities which will include a new school field, special rooms like CCA rooms, band room, dance studio, staff resource rooms, teaching lab and Student Care Centre. 

An organization is as good as its people. The achievements in the academic and non-academic areas would not have been possible if not for the efforts and hard work of all staff members of New Town Primary. I would like to take this opportunity to thank and affirm all teachers and supporting staff members for your dedication and contributions in providing a well-rounded and robust education to the students under your care. Thank you for your belief and commitment in guiding your students through the different learning experiences and more importantly, for living up the MOE vision of ‘Every Teacher a Caring Educator’. 

There is a saying that goes ‘There are only 2 lasting bequests we can give to our children. One is Roots, and the other Wings’. I can fully resonate with this. To raise children who are happy, confident, anchored and who possess the right values and attributes to lead meaningful and successful lives, (roots) and to give them the necessary skillsets to soar and shine (wings), the role of educators and parents is paramount. 

The many successful New Town stories, many of them speaking of our celebration of successes and overcoming of challenges and obstacles would not have been possible without the immense and unwavering support and partnership of our key stakeholders like our SAC, PSG, our parent volunteers and community partners. The school deeply appreciates the personal sacrifices and commitment you have given to the school over the years. To our SAC, thank you for the valuable advice, insights and support given to the school. To our Parent Support Group, thank you for your close walk with the school in providing a safe and meaningful school experience for our children.  To all our community partners and friends, thank you for your strong partnership. The school is immensely grateful to all of you in making possible the many school events and programmes, aimed at providing our students with a holistic education and a safe and happy school environment. Thank you for being a supportive partner to the school.

In 2020, as we celebrate New Town’s 55th anniversary, I look forward to forging closer and deeper ties with all staff, parents and stakeholders in building an  empowering, vibrant and innovative school culture, and in providing a robust and well-rounded education for our students. With your support and belief, we aspire to realize our next phase of growth to provide the very best for our students; and in building a strong sense of school identity, rootedness and belonging for all. 

Wishing all a purpose-filled 2020!

Mrs Tan-Ng Wie Pin