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Principal's Message

Dear Parents / Guardian,

As you probably know, Principals usually get rotated every few years. In fact, some of you were expecting my rotation to take place last year and had asked me about it. Well, I count it my blessing and a bonus to be able to stay on for a year longer than expected as I have three very able Vice-Principals and a very strong Executive Committee who have journeyed with me all these years. It had been a pleasure and a privilege to have worked alongside colleagues who understand how to bring out the best in each and every one of our students. Together, we have seen how NTPS has grown from strength to strength with the help of teachers and all of you - parents and the community, putting in your heart and soul into the work that you do with our little ones. Even our support staff in NTPS has been of tremendous help to the school in ensuring that they provide excellent service to all who pass through the doors of NTPS.

It is now time for me to move on. I will be posted to ACS (Primary) with effect from 15 Dec 2018. Taking over me is Mrs Tan Wie Pin, current Principal of Anderson Primary School. Mrs Tan is not new to education and comes with a wealth of
experience. I trust that all of you will give her your fullest support as she brings NTPS through to the next lap.

I will remember you with fond memories as we have joined hands to create wonderful learning experiences for our young charges. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude for the cooperation, the goodwill and
partnership which you have extended to NTPS and to me personally over the years. I have deeply enjoyed and benefitted from your support, love and care during my time as a Principal. The success that the school has achieved would not have been possible without your help and dedication. As NTPS is the first school that I have helmed, it will remain especially dear to me as it is here that I learnt the ropes of leadership. I am going to miss all of you as you have been part of my journey for a very long time! 

Thank you once again and here’s wishing you joy and the very best of health in the coming years ahead!

Dr Irene Ng