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School Rules

National Anthem And Pledge
  • Pupils who are Singapore citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the pledge.
  • Pupils will take the pledge with the right fist placed over the heart.

At all times
  • Keep your hands and feet to yourself
  • Be aware of others around you
  • Report to a teacher if a stranger approaches you
  • Remain within school grounds during school hours
Corridors / Stairways
  • Walk on left side of the corridors / stairways
  • Stand directly behind person in front of you
  • Face forward
Recess / PE
  • Play safely by rules
  • Keep hands and feet to yourself
  • Listen to teachers and parent volunteers
  • No running in the canteen
  • Wash hands
  • Chew food well; don’t rush
  • Wash hands with soap and water
  • Keep the washroom clean and dry at all times
Arrival / Dismissal
  • Walk in designated pathways
  • Listen to the Traffic Wardens
School Values
  • Put school’s core-values into action. Practice good behaviour and self-control at all times.

Use of Handphones and Electronic Devices in School
  • Pupils are strongly encouraged NOT to bring any handphones or electronic devices to school. Pupils who bring such devices to school, do so at their own risk. The school will not be responsible for any damage, lost or stolen handphones or electronic devices and their related peripherals.
  • Pupils may NOT use their handphones in school from 7.10 am until school dismissal but are allowed to use them during recess to call their parents/guardian. Handphones must not be used anywhere in the school except in the school canteen.
  • Pupils must switch off their handphones during curriculum hours at all times.
  • The use of handphones to play games, to chat or to surf the internet is strictly forbidden.
  • Handphones with photograph taking and video filming functions are not to be used in any part of the school by pupils at all times.
  • During examinations, handphones will be collected by the examination invigilators and returned to the pupils at the end of each examination day.
  • Pupils caught breaking these rules will have their handphones confiscated from them on the spot. A parent must come to school to sign for the return of the handphone or electronic device.
  • Pupils are encouraged to use the public telephone available in the school canteen. In case of an emergency, they may seek permission to use the telephone in the General Office.

Dress Code
  • Every pupil must wear the prescribed school uniform to school.
  • Modifications to the uniform are not allowed.
  • School socks must be worn visibly above the ankle. Thick woollen socks or socks with coloured stripes or pom-pom are not allowed.
  • Pupils should wear clean, plain white canvas shoes and are advised to have two pairs of shoes to allow for washing and drying and for use on rainy days.
  • Slippers/sandals are not allowed to be worn in school.
PE Attire
  • During P.E. lessons and CCA games/sports, pupils should wear the school P.E .T-shirts tucked in neatly with black shorts.
  • No unnecessary form of jewellery is allowed except for plain ear studs for girls.
  • Be neat, clean and look presentable as pupils.
  • No make-up of any kind is allowed.
  • Fingernails must be kept short and neat. No nail polish is allowed.
  • Pupils are not to sport a beard or moustache.
Hair Style
  • All pupils must keep their hair short and well-combed.
  • Fringe should not be longer than the eyebrow line.
  • No hair-dye / tint of any kind is allowed.
Acceptable Hairstyles
  • Girls must keep their hair away from the face, using only navy blue or black hair bands. Long hair must be tied up neatly if hair is below the collar.
  • Boys must keep their hair neatly cropped and combed. (The hair on the side and back of the head should be cut sloped.)
  • NTPS expects pupils to have regular attendance which is a necessity for the best possible learning to take place. The importance of being in attendance and being on time is an essential lesson for pupils to learn at an early age. Maintaining regular attendance is best fostered with parents’ support.
  • Parents are requested to inform the school if their child is absent. Parents can call the school between 7.30am-8.00am to report absences. A medical certificate/letter should be given to the Form Teacher when the child returns to school. Should a child be absent, the school will call the parent to verify the absence.

  • NTPS expects pupils to be punctual for school in the morning and at all school events. Pupils arriving late lose important curriculum time and are a distraction. Should pupils have a valid reason for being late, a note to the teacher is required.
  • Doctor and dentist appointments or music examinations are examples of excused late-coming. Parents are strongly encouraged to request these appointments after school or on days when school is closed for the holidays.
  • Pupils arriving late need to check in at the office before going to their classrooms.

Examination & Test Rules
  • Pupils must be punctual for all examinations.
  • Pupils must produce a medical certificate or relevant documents if they are absent. A pupil may take the paper within the same day of the examination if they have an MC and/or valid reason.
  • Pupils must follow the instructions of the examination invigilator.
  • Pupils must not cheat, attempt to cheat or help another to cheat during examinations/tests.