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School Safety

In New Town Primary, our students’ safety is the highest priority and we do not want to wait for an accident to happen before doing anything. Your cooperation will make a huge impact on the safety of pupils. Let’s make New Town Primary a safer place for all.

Drop off point

Every morning, many parents stop along Tanglin Halt to drop their children off for school. This causes congestion along the road and oftentimes, pupils who are using the pedestrian crossing have to negotiate their way between cars to cross the road. In view of the danger it poses to our students, the school would like to appeal, to all parents who drive, to use the car park opposite the school to drop your children off.

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Emergency Drills

  • Emergency evacuation drills are held at regular intervals throughout the school year. An emergency evacuation map is posted in each classroom and teachers discuss the emergency route and plan with the pupils at the start and the middle of the school year.

Field Trips / Learning Journeys / Competitions / Events

  • Field trips, Learning journeys and competitions enhance or supplement the curriculum and are scheduled throughout the school year as part of the school day wherever possible. In some cases a fee may be charged to cover admission costs. The school issues letters to parents in advance to notify them when such trips are planned. If for some reason you object to your child participating in these programmes, please notify your child’s teacher.

Security & Safety in the School Premises

  • The school would like to appeal to all parents not to remain in the school except when necessary. Parents whose children require special attention are to obtain permission from the school.
  • When within the school campus, all parents / visitors must wear the special passes issued by the security guards. This will enable us to quickly identify unauthorised persons within the school premises. Teaching blocks are out of bounds to all visitors .

Safe practices for pupils in school

Pupils are to observe these safe practices in school.

Fire Safety

  • Do not play with fire. Observe caution when handling flammable materials.
  • Do not use flammable materials without adult supervision.
  • Do not overload your power-points with too many electrical appliances.
  • Do not leave heating appliances unattended.
  • Store flammable materials carefully to avoid misuse and accidents.

Science Laboratory

  • Enter the laboratory only in the teacher’s presence
  • Listen & follow the teacher’s instructions
  • Handle apparatus, materials only when instructed by the teacher
  • Wash your hands after working with any chemical
  • Keep the laboratory tidy & clean

Personal Hygiene

  • Practise good personal hygiene at all times
  • Wash hands thoroughly with soap & water
  • Cough or sneeze into a tissue and dispose of it appropriately
  • Do not share personal items like towels & handkerchiefs
  • Wear a mask when having flu or common cold
  • Use serving spoons when sharing food
  • Do not spit

Safe Routes to School

safe routes to school.png

Road Safety

  • Obey traffic rules.
  • Alight from/ board your vehicles at designated locations such as at the foyer / sheltered walkway bus bay.
  • Walk on the pavement. Do not play.
  • Use pedestrian crossings all the time even if it is a longer walk.
  • Be alert for oncoming vehicle. Do not rush or dash across the road. Be sure the vehicle has come to a stop before you step onto the road.
  • Raise your hands above your head to draw attention to yourself when you cross the road.
  • Do not answer/ use hand-phones or listen to music when crossing the road.

Security in the School

  • Do not bring valuable items and large sums of money.
  • Do not talk to strangers.
  • Do not leave the classroom or school without the teacher’s permission.
  • Do report to the teacher or the office at once if you are disturbed, bullied or harassed by another pupil or other people in the school.

Water Safety

  • Swim only when an adult is with you/ a lifeguard is at the pool.
  • Wear proper swimming attire.
  • Walk carefully on the wet floors.
  • Do not play a fool or endanger others at the pool.