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An inspiring environment to stimulate creativity and appreciation of the Arts.


Every child involved in the Arts.


 DesignationStaff NameEmail
 Head of DepartmentMdm Lee Yew Fang (Mrs Hoo)lee_yew_fang@moe.edu.sg
 Member (Art)Mrs Michelle Gohmichelle_goh@moe.edu.sg
 Member (Art)Ms Han Liminhan_limin@moe.edu.sg
 Member (Art)Ms Syarinah Sanisyarinah_sani@moe.edu.sg
 Member (Music)
Ms Lim Xin Huilim_xin_hui_geraldine@moe.edu.sg
 Member (PAL)Ms Joanne Ngng_siew_yan_joanne@moe.edu.sg


DesignationStaff NameEmail
 MemberMs Joanne Ng

Mrs Daffodil Wong
 Mrs Lee Hui Linglee_hui_ling_c@moe.edu.sg


 CCAStaff NameEmail
 Art Club

Ms Irene Lim

Ms Han Limin

Ms Syarinah Bte Sani





Ms Radziah Kemat

Mrs Michelle Goh




Mrs Joan Chia Yi Hui

Mrs Audrey Tan

Ms Yu Ziling

Ms Lim Xin Hui Geraldine





Chinese Dance 

Ms Chua Wei Ling

Mdm Theresa Tham

Mdm Chua Peck Oon 




Malay Dance

Mdm Norlela Nor Baidin

Mdm Hartini Abdul Rahman

Mrs Lily Nadan 




Indian Dance 

Ms Gurunath Sobitha

Mdm Zahirah Banu


International Dance

Mdm Vivian Ong Chin Chian

Ms Ruziah Ahmad 



Curriculum & Programmes

Arts education in New Town Primary includes the Art and Music curriculum, school-based programmes (Aesthetics), Programme for Active Learning (PAL) and the Visual Art and Performing Arts CCAs (VPACCAs).

  • Primary and Lower Secondary Music Syllabus (PLSMS)
  • Primary and Lower Secondary Art Syllabus (PLSAS)
  • Recorder Karate
  • Primary 4 Theatre Experience Programme
  • Primary 3 Ukulele Module
  • Primary 4 Garageband Module
  • Primary 3 Ceramics Module
  • Primary 4 Batik Module
  • Primary 5 Photoshop Module

Primary 4 Theatre Experience Programme

The objective for the Theatre Experience Programme is to provide the opportunity for students to attend and enjoy a professional production in a venue built for its art form. We hope that this will raise students’ awareness and whet their appetite for quality performances as they begin their journey as participants of the arts.


Visual and Performing Arts CCAs

The talent development branch of this department serves to grow and develop students who are passionate and dedicated to visual and performing art forms. The CCA programme is rigorous and requires discipline hence allowing the students to participate in the Singapore Youth Festival where all Singapore schools are benchmarked biennially. 
These groups are regularly invited to perform and have already performed at an array of school and public platforms such as the Buona Vista Community events, FaithActs Honours night, School Open House, NTPS Prize Giving Day and the list goes on. 

Useful Links

The Aesthetics team has curated some of our favourite links for arts activities available in Singapore. The list is not exhaustive but we hope these will be useful to you and your families to enjoy the arts while bonding with the family. 
Details are available on the respective websites. Please note that some events are FOC while others may require tickets to be purchased. 


1. Events in Esplanade Overview

2. Workshops and Talks / Parent-Child Bonding
Keen on doing something creative with your child/ward, sign up for these workshops and have some fun together. 

3. Library@Esplanade
Wondering what a musical is? Go down to the Library@Esplanade. You can borrow videos and music of operas and theatrical performances in addition to books in this library? If you play a musical instrument and would like to look for certain musical scores, head down there and you may just find what you need. 


1. For Kids and Familes at the National Gallery
This is one of our favourites. There is so much to play with and so many things to do, you may just be spending the whole weekend there with the family.

2. Art Science Museum
Think museums are boring? Visit the Art Science Museum where art is combined with Science and Technology. One of our favourites is the ‘Future World’ exhibition. Your children will love it!

3. Singapore Philatelic Museum
Art and stamps have come a long way since its inception. Collectors of stamps have adored the beauty of art on small little pieces of paper that travels around the world. There are even competitions you can take part in.


1. Free Concerts for Families by the Singapore Symphonic Orchestra (SSO)
Fun and familiar tunes, interesting instruments may feature during these free concerts and why not?

2. Open rehearsals with the SSO
Ever wonder what musicians do so they can perform beautifully on stage? Attend one of these ‘open rehearsals’ and you can sit in their practise session to observe how they work together before the actual performance. You have to be quiet though and make sure you do not disturb the musicians at work. 

3. Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage @ Botanical Gardens
The Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage is a venue where many talented and artistic groups in Singapore perform on weekends. This website will take you to the Botanical Garden’s Calendar of events where you can enjoy performances with a picnic on the lush green lawn at the same time. Just make sure to bring an umbrella or a raincoat, in case it rains. 


1. Singapore Dance Theatre
Love to dance and enjoy beautiful costumes and stage designs? Enjoy ballet and enrol for their workshops to learn more about this art form. 


1. Singapore Repertory Theatre
The Singapore Repetory Theatre caters to a wide group of audience. We love the productions by one of their divisions, ‘The Little Company’ that presents child-friendly, age appropriate plays. Many of these productions are adapted or tweaked from story books.