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An inspiring environment to stimulate creativity and appreciation of the Arts.


Every child involved in the Arts.


 Designation Staff Name Email
 Head of Department Mdm Lee Yew Fang (Mrs Hoo) lee_yew_fang@schools.gov.sg
 Teacher (Art) Mrs Michelle Goh michelle_goh@schools.gov.sg
 Teacher (Music) Mrs Lim-Ng Ren Min lim-ng_ren_min@schools.gov.sg
 Teacher (Music) Ms Geraldine Lim Xin Hui lim_xin_hui_geraldine@schools.gov.sg
 Teacher (Art) Ms Syarinah Sani syarinah_sani@schools.gov.sg
 Teacher (Art)
Ms Chan Jia Yu chan_jia_yu@schools.gov.sg


Assembly Programme

P1 to P6
Working together with the National Arts Council, artists/art groups in Singapore are invited to share their craft with our students to create awareness in our students about Arts.

As a precautionary measure of the Co-vid 19 situation, assembly programmes are temporarily postponed until further notice.

Assembly (3).jpgassembly dance (3).jpg

New Town Artists

P1 to P6
‘New Town Artists’ will be implemented in Term 2, 2020 with the aim to of providing opportunities to challenge and stimulate students’ creative juices beyond the learning in the classroom. 

Participants’ works will be exhibited at the end of each session to generate another tier of learning for themselves and the rest of the school, building their confidence and giving them the recognition.

Recorder Karate

P3 to P6

‘Recorder Karate’ was conceived with the following purposes: 

  • self-directed learning
  • collaborative learning
  • social interaction and
  • choice in learning

It challenges students to apply their learning and to inspire each other to play various songs on the recorder in a game setting format. Students may begin from any level, giving them choice and decision making opportunities.

Theatre Experience 

The objectives of the Theatre Experience progamme are to provide an opportunity for students to attend and enjoy a professional production in a purpose-built venue as well as to develop their appreciation for theatre performances. We endeavour to raise students'awareness for and whet their appetite for quaity performances and/or participants of the arts.

2018 Lion King.jpg

Theatre (2).jpg

Enrichment Modules

Conducted during curriculum time, these enrichment modules encompass traditional and ICT-related art forms to provide another dimension to learn art and music. 

Students acquire an understanding of the techniques and challenges for each art form as they experience the process first hand. This not only develops their appreciation for the art forms but cultivates self-esteem, perseverance and problem-solving skills.

Ceramics module (Art) 


ceramics 3.jpgCeramics.jpegCeramics.jpeg (2).png

Ukulele module (Music)


Ukulele 1 (3).jpegUkulele.jpeg

Batik module (Art) 

P4batik 2 (2).jpg

Garageband module (Music) 




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