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Character and Citizenship Education


Nurturing passionate learners, strong in character.

Our Guiding Principles

CCE Department Framework
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1. Every teacher a CCE teacher
2. Values are both taught and caught
3. Engaging students through varied modes of delivery
4. Parents as key partners 

The CCE department focuses on inculcating in our students strong values through our CCE and FTGP lessons. Providing them with opportunities to apply their knowledge, the students are progressively introduced Values-in-Action programmes across their 6-year education, targeted across six domains – self, family, school, community, nation and world.

Key Personnel

DesignationStaff NameEmail
HOD / CCEMs Khoo Ri Zhenkhoo_ri_zhen@moe.edu.sg 
Subject Head / CCEMrs Pearlie Limtan_xuan_li_pearlie@moe.edu.sg

Learning Outcomes

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LO CCE Learning Outcomes
 1Acquire self-awareness and apply self-management skills to achieve personal well-being and effectiveness
2Act  with integrity and make responsible decisions that uphold moral principles
3Acquire social awareness and apply interpersonal skills to build and maintain positive relationships based on mutual respect
4Be resilient and have the ability to turn challenges into opportunities 
5Take pride in our national identity, have a sense of belonging to Singapore and be committed to the nation building
6Value Singapore’s socio-cultural sensitivity and promote social cohesion and harmony
7Care for others and contribute actively to the progress of our community and nation
8Reflect on and respond to community, national and global issues, as an informed and responsible citizen 
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P1 & P4 Bonding Games

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FTGP and School Mass Activities
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Everyday Responsibilities and Values-in-Action Programme
Everyday Responsibilities and Values-in-Action Programme.JPG