Purpose Of National Education

The objective is to develop national cohesion, the instinct for survival and confidence in the future,
  • by fostering a sense of identity, pride and self-respect as Singaporeans;
  • by knowing the Singapore story -- how Singapore succeeded against the odds to become a nation;
  • by understanding Singapore's unique challenges, constraints and vulnerabilities, which make us different from other countries;
  • by instilling the core values of our way of life, and the will to prevail, that ensures our continued success and well-being.

National Education In New Town Primary School

It is a critical component in the holistic development of New Town Primary School pupils and staff. It is meaningfully and purposefully promoted so that every pupil has a shared sense of nationhood and is a contributing citizen in our multiracial school community.

To prepare pupils to meet the challenges of a multi-cultural and interdependent world, the activities and varied programmes aim to equip pupils with the knowledge, skills and attitudes in the areas of Racial Integration, Active Citizenry and Sense of Pride for the Nation.


Outdoor Experiential Learning / Field Based Learning for All Levels

Learning Objectives
 Jacob Ballas
Develop their young hearts to care for the nature and environment.
 Philatelic Museum
Recognise that common identity, as well as shared experiences and values that unite the people in Singapore.
 Our NTPS Vegetable Farm
Identify constraints in relation to urban cities such as Singapore and gain understanding on the concept of "minimal resources, maximal usage" with regards to land space constraint issues in Singapore
 Maritime Experiential Museum
Develop an understanding of what life was like in the past and extend learning through the examination of the concept of trade prior to the founding of Singapore in 1819
 Asian Civilisation Museum
Identify the achievements from ancient China and India that continue to influence us today.
 Interactive Heritage Trail
Describe where our early migrants came from and their contributions to Singapore and recognise the contributions of early migrants are reflected in the organisations, places and street names of Singapore today.

Celebration of the 4 Commemorative Events

1. Total Defence Day
2. International Friendship Day
3. Racial Harmony Day
4. National Day 

Character Citizenry Education (CCE) Week (month of July)

During the CCE week, the pupils will be engaged in activities as a whole school approach. The objective is to provide pupils with exposure to knowledge of our National history, identity and character development through many hands-on activities.

Social Studies

Since 2012, the Social Studies syllabus had been updated and revamped. The syllabus aims to develop each pupil as one equipped with knowledge beyond the borders of Singapore.

With the current syllabus, the Social Studies Programmes in our school aim to equip pupils with the knowledge, skills and attitudes and values so that they are proud and loyal to our school and Singapore. Our pupils can communicate and work as a team in a multi-cultural and interdependent world.