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A community of confident communicators, contributing members of our society.


To create a vibrant and enriching language learning environment which empowers students to become confident communicators and contributing members of our society.


  • To provide opportunities that allow students to engage in active listening, reading and viewing to enrich the language learning experience.
  • To provide experiences that allow students to communicate effectively through speaking, writing and representing to promote confidence in using the English language.


Designation Staff Name
Head of Department
Mrs Serene Lee
Senior Teacher
Mdm Mashitah
STELLAR Mentors Ms Wong Wei Teng wong_wei_teng@moe.edu.sg

Mrs Sharin Lim

Mdm Mashitah  nur_mashitah_hosaini@moe.edu.sg
 Learning Support Coordinator
Mrs Lim Bee Bee
  Mrs Audrey Tan
 SDR Coordinator 
Mrs Surian
 SDR Instructors
Ms Irene Lim
  Mdm Suhana
  Mrs Lily Nadan
  Mrs Sharin Lim
  Mdm Karen Lee
  Mdm Syazwani
  Ms Joanne Ng
  Ms Guan Sin Loi guan_sin_loi@moe.edu.sg
  Mdm Juvaira  juvaira_banu@moe.edu.sg
  Mdm Anisa anisa_seeni_sulaiman@moe.edu.sg 
 RRP Coordinator Mrs Valencia Wee  ang_kee_valencia@moe.edu.sg
 RRP Instructor Ms Wong Wei Teng wong_wei_teng@moe.edu.sg
 Library Coordinator Ms Yasmin ayesha_jagaber_yasmin@moe.edu.sg 


Learning Support Programme (LSP)

P1 and P2
A MOE intervention programme to help selected P1 and P2 students who are weak in oral and reading skills.

Sunrise Reading

P1 and P2 
We engage the help of our P3 to P5 students to read together with our P1 and P2 weak readers in the morning. 

EL Reading Recess Exhibit.jpg


P1 and P2
Held once a week on Wednesday afternoons and with the help of parent volunteers, we collaborate with NLB to promote the love for reading in our P1 and P2 students in New Town.

EL NLB Book Borrowing.jpg

S.T.A.R. Reading
(Students and Teachers, All Reading - Whole School Approach to Reading)
P1, P2, P3, P4, P5 and P6
In New Town, we believe in cultivating a culture of reading among teachers and students. Through explicit teacher modelling and engaging students in a world of books, we aim to help them find the joy of reading.

EL Drop all and read.jpg


P1, P2, P3, P4, P5 and P6
The STELLAR vision: Children who love reading and have a strong foundation in the English Language.

STELLAR aims to strengthen children’s language and reading skills as well as promote a positive attiude towards learning in the foundatonal years. The programme uses research-based teaching strategies and age-appropriate materials to engage children in the learning of English. At lower primary, language skills are developed through Shared Book Approach, modified Learning Experiential activity and Focused Diffierentiated lessons. As students progess to upper primary, language skills are further developed through KWL, Supported Reading and Writing Process Cycle. 

EL Sandwich making.jpg

Outdoor Learning Experience (OLE)

P1 to P4
The learning of English Language is best done through tasks and activities in authentic and meaningful contexts. In OLE, students engage in hands-on activities to further develop the targeted language features. 

EL Learning Journey.jpg

Writing Programme

P1 to P6 
In this programme, students learn to create a variety of texts to convey meaning and purpose. From creating procedural texts such as recipes and instructions to writing letters to various audience and narrative writing, our students will learn how to express themselves in different contexts so as to bring the intended meaning across. We also encourage freewriting such as journals and quick write in class to allow students to use the language spontaneously. 

Literature Programme

Selected P4 to P6 classes
To stretch our high progress learners, students are taught to appreciate literature texts, analyse good language use and explore values and themes.

EL Meeting the author.jpg

School-based Dyslexia Remediation Programme (SDR) 
Selected P3 & P4 students
To help Dyslexia students cope with the demands of mainstream schools, these selected students from P3 and P4 will attend SDR in school to help them overcome literacy difficulties such as reading, spelling and comprehension.

Reading Remediation Programme (RRP)
Selected P3 & P4 students
RRP provides support for our P3 and P4 students who still face difficulty in reading and comprehension. The programme teaches them a range of coping and learning strategies to help them manage their learning better in class.


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