ICT (Infocomm Technology) and MRL (Media Resource Library)


Fostering Future-Ready Self-Directed and Collaborative School Community, Responsible and Confident Active Life-Long Digital Learners


Transforming learning to anytime and anywhere with ICT, Fostering Resilient and Responsible 21st Century Learners


Structured and Progressive ICT Programme

The increasing use of technology in daily lives makes ICT an essential skill for life. Our programme deepens the digital learning of our students with Cyber Wellness Education and new media literacy so that our students develop their competency in ICT skills and learn to be responsible digital learners.  

MOE Baseline ICT Standards


ICT Skills & Subject Content

·  Key Stage 1 (Pri 1 to 3)

o      PK1 Navigate in a Graphical User Interface

o      PK2 Use Application Software, Files & Folders

o   PH1 Use Digital Resources from Specified Sources

o     PT1 Create a Text Document

o  PT2 Edit and Format Words, Phrases and Sentences

o  PM1 Create a Presentation with Text and Graphics

o     PM2 Edit and Format Text and Graphics

Primary 1

Introduction to ICT & Microsoft Word (Basics, integrated with English)

Primary 2

Microsoft Word

(Intermediate, integrated with English)

Primary 3

Microsoft PowerPoint

(Basics, Writing & Representing)

·  Key Stage 2 (Pri 4 to 6)

o     PK3 Work across Multiple Applications

o     PK4 Manage Files and Folders

o   PH2 Search and Gather Information from the Internet

o     PT3 Edit and Format Paragraphs of Text

o     PT4 Combine Text with Tables and Graphics

o     PM3 Combine Multimedia with Text and Graphics in a Presentation 

o    PW1 Communicate Online

o    PD1 Gather Data

Primary 4


Microsoft PowerPoint  

(Intermediate, integrated with Science)

Primary 5


Self-Directed Learning with Multimedia & Internet

  • Search and Gather Information from the Internet
  • Combine Multimedia with Text and Graphics in a Presentation

Primary 6


Vlogging with Editing (Post PSLE)

  • My School / My Teachers


Primary 1 to 6

e-Learning Day


Desired Outcomes

Thro ICT

Big Ideas

Skill Sets

- Students are able to:

Learning with ICT @ NTPS

1.    Take Place Anytime, Anywhere with Anyone

Display self-directed & collaborative learning skills

1.    Highly Adaptive to Environment & Situations

Display active lifelong learning behaviour for learning new skills & tools

2.    Responsible 21st Century Learners

Display understanding of online behaviour & awareness of protecting oneself in cyberspace

Self-Directed Learners (SDL) with ICT

1.   Take Ownership in Their Own Learning

Participate actively to set learning goals, research for information and manage self-learning

2.   Reflective & Persevere in Learning

Getting feedback from peers & teachers to reflect on learning, showing resilience attitude

3.    Initiate Challenging Learning Activities

Curious for new learning & initiate to take on challenging learning tasks

Collaborative Learners (CoL) through ICT


[Cooperative learning provides good scaffold through group process skills & structure, to be a stepping stone towards collaborative learning.]

1.    Be Open

Display open mind-set to listen & questions for better understanding

2.    Contribute & Share

Confidence to share ideas & plays an active role in the completion of a task

3.    Building Collective Understanding

Negotiate, evaluate and recombine ideas to achieve common goals

Cyberwellness Programme

This programme aims to inculcate cyberwellness principles within the pupils to ensure that the pupils use ICT safely and responsibly. The school conducts cyberwellness lessons for pupils as well as talks for parents.