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A Community of Confident Active Motivated Engaged Learners of Mathematics 


Sustained Support Mathematics (SSM) Programme

The whole school is participating in the SSM programme which focuses on helping pupils to learn mathematics using manipulatives and activity-based lessons. The programme is based on the principles of early success, strong basics and steady progress.

Enhanced Learning Support for Mathematics

This programme serves to identify and provide support for Primary 1 pupils who lack basic knowledge and skills in numeracy. Lessons are conducted during curriculum time by a trained teacher.

Mathematics Games and Multiplication Songs

We believe that playing Math games can build comprehension of concepts, enhance memory, and improve pupils' mental mathematics ability. Various Math games and puzzles are made available to pupils during lunch breaks for pupils to learn Mathematics in a fun way. Multiplication songs are also broadcast during snack time to help pupils to commit the multiplication tables to memory.

Mathematics Trails

Mathematics Trails are conducted to provide opportunities for pupils to apply mathematics skills such as measuring and estimating to solve authentic real-life problems. They allow our pupils to learn Mathematics in a different environment.

Olympiad Training for selected P3 to P6 pupils

Structured training is provided to our selected P3 to P6 pupils to equip them with the skills to handle more challenging and Olympiad-like Mathematics questions.