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A confident and effective problem solver in mathematics


Building a strong foundation in mathematical concepts and skills and developing thinking, reasoning, communication and application through a mathematical approach to problem solving.


DesignationStaff NameEmail
HOD / MAMdm Chua Siao Wenchua_siao_wen@moe.edu.sg
Level Head / MAMs Tan Pek Chetan_pek_che@moe.edu.sg
LSM CoordinatorMdm Sum Pui Seesum_pui_see@moe.edu.sg 
LSM TeacherMrs Maggie Leongsee_peipei_maggie@moe.edu.sg 
P1 Level RepresentativeMrs Maggie Leong see_peipei_maggie@moe.edu.sg 
P2 Level RepresentativeMdm Syazwanisyazwani_osman@moe.edu.sg 
P3 Level RepresentativeMdm Karen Leetan_yam_chua@moe.edu.sg 
P4 Level RepresentativeMdm Diana Yaoyao_sufeng@moe.edu.sg 
P5 Level RepresentativeMr Ken Tantan_hoong_kee@moe.edu.sg 
P6 Level RepresentativeMs Chia Kim Fungchia_kim_fung@moe.edu.sg 


Learning Support Mathematics (LSM)

P1 and P2

This programme aims to provide early intervention support in mathematics to students who need additional support in acquiring basic numeracy skills when they enter Primary One. In small groups, LSM- trained teachers help students achieve an age-appropriate mathematical age and equip them with the mathematical knowledge, skills and dispositions through learning experiences. Students are identified at Primary One and the support will continue for 2 years.

Factual Fluency

P1, P2 and P3
Factual fluency is the ability to recall basic math facts automatically and without hesitation. The factual fluency programme in the lower primary aims to achieve automaticity in basic addition and subtraction within 20 and multiplication and division facts. Fluency in basic math facts will help to reduce cognitive load in students so that they are able to focus on the problem solving process.

Excellence 2000 (E2K)

P4 and P5
The E2K Mathematics Programme in New Town is an enrichment programme for P4 and P5 students who demonstrate interest and ability in Mathematics. The objective of this programme is to provide students the training in critical and inventive thinking, collaborative and communication skills that will enable them to develop their potential in Mathematics.

Math Olympiad Competitions

P3, P4, P5 and P6
The students participate in selected competitions and Math Olympiads to gain exposure beyond the school so as to challenge and stretch their mathematical potential.


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