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Mother Tongue Chinese


A Language Hub that equips pupils with literacy skills for life through a fun, innovative and culturally rich environment.


 Designation  Name Email
 HOD / Mother Tongue  Mdm Teh Sok Fun teh_sok_fun@moe.edu.sg
 Level Head / Chinese  Mr David Ee ee_chin_siang@moe.edu.sg
 Senior Teacher / Chinese Mr Hao Xiaoxinghao_xiaoxing@moe.edu.sg
 Teachers Mdm Chua Peck Oon chua_peck_oon@moe.edu.sg
   Ms Chua Wei Ling  chua_wei_ling@moe.edu.sg 
   Mdm Esther Goh goh_gek_puay_esther@moe.edu.sg 
  Ms Li Wenlingli_wenling@moe.edu.sg
   Mdm Lin Zhihui lin_zhihui@moe.edu.sg 
   Mdm Vivian Ong ong_chin_chian@moe.edu.sg 
   Mr Tan Wan Yen tan_wan_yen@moe.edu.sg 
   Mdm Tan Xinpei tan_xinpei@moe.edu.sg 
   Mdm Tian Meng tian_meng@moe.edu.sg
   Mdm Theresa Tham theresa_tham_may_leng@moe.edu.sg 
   Mr Xu Jingwei xu_jingwei_a@moe.edu.sg 
   Ms Yeoh Ying Ting yeoh_ying_ting@moe.edu.sg 
   Ms Yu Ziling yu_ziling@moe.edu.sg


The department aims to make the learning of Mother Tongue Languages (MTL) a joy, and seek to nurture a love in the learning of Mother Tongue Languages.  We believe that every student has different learning styles and use differentiated instruction in the classrooms to help them derive the joy of learning. We aim to cultivate a set of thinking routines in the students so as to integrate thinking skills during Mother Tongue Languages lessons to increase the students’ engagement level to achieve deep learning. We provides authentic settings aimed at creating an immersive environment for the acquisition of Mother Tongue languages through a variety of activities related to Mother Tongue cultures. These platforms provide authentic opportunities for students to apply their Mother Tongue languages and experience the culture.

Outdoor Learning Experience (OLE)

Students pay visits to Fast Food Restaurant, Convenience Store, Cinema, Clinic, Library and many other locations within the same day! Teachers will transform various corners of the school into these places and create an thematic environment to start a conversation with each student pertaining to that specific setting. During the conversations, students get to practise their learning in an authentic environment, thus boasting their desire and willingness to practise Chinese. 

Chinese Language Fortnight

P1 to P6

To create an immersive environment for the learning of MTL, the MT Department-Chinese Language has designated two consecutive weeks for the MTL Fortnights, during which a wide range of activities related to Chinese language and culture will be conducted. The purpose of the MTL Fortnight is to provide platforms for students to actively learn MTL and the associated culture so as to experience MTL as ‘living languages’. The activities also provide authentic opportunities for students to use MTL and experience the culture.

Guided Reading Programme

P1 to P6

A compilation of in-house created picture books, audio-visual books and exemplary essay pieces that aim to cultivate in students of all levels a love in reading to lay down the foundation for the acquisition of Chinese Language. There are a series of follow-up activities that engage students after they have finished their reading.

Cultural Performance Exposure

Students are able to visit Chinese Language related cultural performances and programmes by local and foreign bodies with the funding from the Committee to Promote Chinese Language Learning (CPCLL) under the Cultural Performance Exposure Funds (CPEF). Students are able to see world class performances while acquiring Chinese language and cultural knowledge.

Dictionary Master

To equip our students with the skills to perform self directed learning, students will go through this series of lessons and workshops to learn more about Chinese characters using traditional print and electronic dictionary.

Outdoor Learning Experience (OLE) to Botanic Garden

The experiential learning journey aims to expose our students with an enriching outdoor learning experience that compliments formal classroom teaching. In addition, it also helps to instill a sense of love for Chinese Language in students, and helps to develop their positive attitude for Chinese Language. 

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Reading with You

Selected P3 & P4 students

This is a collaborative reading programme between Zao Bao and New Town Primary School Mother Tongue Department-Chinese Language. The objectives in embarking on this programme are to instill in students a love in learning Chinese using the newspaper articles from 小拇指, to give them a platform with a conducive environment to use Chinese for interaction. 

Conversational Malay for Chinese Students (CCM)

Selected P3 & P4 students

To encourage non-ethnic students to learn another Mother Tongue Language (MTL), MOE is assisting schools to conduct school-based Conversational MTL enrichment programme for their interested students. The Conversational MTL programme will equip students with basic oral skills and allow them to communicate with their friends and neighbours of different races. Learning basic Conversational MTL thus aims at bridging the language divide and strengthening racial harmony. 

Cultural Camp

In addition to Mother Tongue Fortnight, Primary 4 students are given the additional opportunity to immerse themselves in a Chinese rich environment. Students learn a wide variety of activities related to Chinese language and culture, such as Chinese Painting and Chinese Calligraphy. Parents are invited to join their child for these activities.

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My Dream Shop


This is a collaborative project between Buona Vista Community Club Youth Executive Committee and New Town Primary School Mother Tongue Department-Chinese Language. This project provides opportunities for students to practise their Chinese language in a real audience context and enables them to have a hands-on experience of entrepreneurship through realistic and monitored environment.   Besides enabling students to make Chinese Language a "living" language, students also learn to care about the less fortunate children in our society through a meaningful buying session that teaches them the value of money indirectly.

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Who wants to be a Mandarin DJ?


Students get a chance to become a Radio Station DJ. They present news, music, jokes and interact their other audiences, during which they learn to think on his feet and then relay the information to the audience in a clear and concise manner. By doing so, they hone their skills to become confident speakers.

Creative Writing Course

P5 & P6

The objective of this course is to equip students with different skills and techniques in writing. They are also exposed to the use of a wide range of vocabulary and phrases that are appropriate in writing.

New Town Games Master


Students are tested on their general knowledge and subject related knowledge in Chinese through game setting. This programme aims to instill in students a love for Chinese Language and motivate them to learn.