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Mother Tongue Malay


A Language Hub that equips pupils with literacy skills for life through a fun, innovative and culturally rich environment.


 Designation  Name Email
 HOD / Mother Tongue  Mdm Teh Sok Fun teh_sok_fun@moe.edu.sg
 Subject Head / ML & TL  Mr Mohamad Iskandar mohamad_iskandar_mohd_yaakop@moe.edu.sg
 Senior Teacher Mdm Noraininoraini_karsani@moe.edu.sg
 Teacher Mr Amirr Hamzah amirr_hazmah_haji_abdul@moe.edu.sg
   Mdm Hartini  hartini_abdul_rahman@moe.edu.sg
   Mdm Norlela  norlela_nor_baidin@moe.edu.sg
   Mdm Aqidah nurul_ain_aqidah_rosli@moe.edu.sg
   Mdm Sumiati sumiati_raat@moe.edu.sg


The department aims to make the learning of Mother Tongue Languages (MTL) a joy, and seek to nurture a love in the learning of Mother Tongue Languages.  We believe that every student has different learning styles and use differentiated instruction in the classrooms to help them derive the joy of learning. We aim to cultivate a set of thinking routines in the students so as to integrate thinking skills during Mother Tongue Languages lessons to increase the students’ engagement level to achieve deep learning. We provides authentic settings aimed at creating an immersive environment for the acquisition of Mother Tongue languages through a variety of activities related to Mother Tongue cultures. These platforms provide authentic opportunities for students to apply their Mother Tongue languages and experience the culture.

ML Basic Literacy Programme 

Lower Primary & Upper Primary

'I Can Read' ML basic literacy programme for lower primary students aims to help develop reading competencies for lower progress readers. For lower primary, we explored various materials and resources in order to keep students engaged in learning. This is needed in ensuring that students are not only becoming more proficient readers, but are also building on their repertoire of newly-learnt vocabulary.

For upper primary, students are exposed to reading engaging short stories with the teacher. Specific language skills, classified words and phrases are highlighted in the text to strategically allow the students the opportunity to catch the usage in a narrative passage. This is to eventually help them write immersive and effective compositions!

Malay Language Fortnight

P1 to P6

The Malay Language Fortnight explores different themes every year! For 2019, our theme was traditional performing arts! Our students learned about traditional music genres, musical instruments, as well as dance forms. They also discovered more about the most renowned composer, musician, writer, director, actor in the history of the Malay film industry of the mid-20th century, the late P. Ramlee. We also organized our very own Malay language singing contest called Idola Si Cilik! The finalists sang wonderfully and impressed our in-house judges! Great job to all the award winners!

Open-ended Comprehension Strategies – TOP & 3B Approach

P3 & P4

New Town ML facilitates comprehension skills acquisition by introducing baseline strategies in answering open-ended comprehension. In addition, as we work towards sharpening the strategies to achieve our key department goals, ML department has put in 2 new structures / strategies to level up our students’ open-ended comprehension skills. The 2 strategies are differentiated in order to expose varying approaches to the students. TOP will be additional steps in analysing and tackling questions while 3B will be more towards analysing the text and sense-making.

ML OE.png

Oral Skills - 3P Approach

P3 & P4
In preparation for PSLE eOral format, ML teachers developed an approach to help the middle primary ML students get familiarized to the questioning format. Specific fundamental techniques and steps have been introduced as 3P (Pengalaman – experience; Perasaan – Feelings; Pendapat – opinions). 

Conversational Chinese for Malay Students (CCM)

Selected P3 & P4 students

To encourage non-ethnic students to learn another Mother Tongue Language (MTL), MOE is assisting schools to conduct school-based Conversational MTL enrichment programme for their interested students. The Conversational MTL programme will equip students with basic oral skills and allow them to communicate with their friends and neighbours of different races. Learning basic Conversational MTL thus aims at bridging the language divide and strengthening racial harmony. 

Cultural Camp

The P4 ML students were involved in a half-day workshop to learn more about a traditional Malay art form of puppetry called Wayang Kulit. Our students learnt briefly about the historical influences of Wayang Kulit as well as the different types of Wayang Kulit across South-East Asia. They also learnt to appreciate the role of Dalang and why this position is admired amongst Wayang Kulit connoisseurs. Students made their own puppets and selected students had a chance to perform a short skit. The Wayang Kulit set was made of leather and the puppets were carefully chiselled with very fine tools and supported with carefully shaped buffalo horn handles and control rods. The students were thoroughly entertained!

ML Camp 1 .jpg
ML Camp 2.jpg



For 2019, the Primary 5 Malay students have embarked on an exciting Malay learning programme. Five of our student ambassadors worked closely with their Mother Tongue teachers in advocating the ‘hot-seating’ strategy. This is the second year the students learnt through the drama strategy that has brought about their confidence in speaking their Mother Tongue Language. And it will continue to be an important part of their journey until PSLE. The Malay Language Centre of Singapore (MLCS), had organised their annual Malay Language Seminar. New Town Primary was invited to exhibit and share on the hot-seating experience during the seminar. 

Nur Aniqah Vivianna Mohd Azari, Nurul Shaista Muhd Suffyan, Nur Thufailah Mohd Ashiq, Muhammad Aqid Rusyaide Muhd Rafi & Abdul Raziq Bin Abdull Rashid together with the Malay teachers, had prepared an exhibition booth at the Malay Seminar on the 19th of March 2019. They interacted with other teachers who visited New Town’s booth and were also honoured to receive the Guest of Honor, Associate Professor Dr Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, as the students readily shared about their learning experiences with him!

ML Hotseat3.jpgML Hotseat6.jpg

Cultural Connections Immersion Trip to Penang


New Town Primary School Malay Language Department continuously strives to provide students with a dedicated approach towards a dynamic and holistic learning of the Malay language. Hence, the department organized a 4D3N Cultural & Immersion Trip to Penang, Malaysia for our Primary 5 Malay Language Student Ambassadors from 2 to 5 September 2019. 

This trip forms part of our school’s Cultural Connections Programme. Besides having the cultural tour to local museums and historical locations in Penang, our ML Student Ambassadors presented our school events such as N.E Show & NTPS Ignite as well as Malay Language activities to the local school, St Mark, Perai, Penang. They also relished the opportunity of exchanging cultural performances with the local students! .