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Holistic Assessment for Primary 1 to Primary 3

Holistic Assessment catered for our P1 to P3 pupils are designed to support their learning of the Malay Language with enriching tasks and assignments during ML lessons. These include interactive speaking and listening activities such as role playing, creative dramatization and choral singing. Pupils receive termly reports which will be filed into their HA Portfolios, consisting of checklists and evaluation forms pertaining to literacy and linguistic mastery, acquisition of 21 st century skills, overall in-class engagement and value-added holistic qualities. In this way, the pupils’ academic development is structured and continually monitored to ensure complete accomplishment of holistic qualities in achieving academic excellence.

P3 ML Cultural Camp - Interactive Reading and Speaking

NTPS ML Department continues to improve on the holistic assessment of pupils as the MTL department rolls out the Holistic Assessment Plan for Primary 3 level for the first time. As part of the formative assessment to be carried for the P3 pupils, ML Department will be organising a cultural camp to heighten their communicative competency level. The camp will be conducted over 2 separate days after curriculum hours and will cover specific aspects of pragmatic, creative and effective communication skills for children.

Creative Awards for Primary 3 to Primary 5

The ML Creative Awards are specifically aimed to develop and stretch pupils’ potential and impact on cognitive development. The theme for this year’s Creative Awards for ML pupils is “My Story”. We provide the pupils with varied platforms and equip them with ample learning tools and materials in order for them to produce exceptional products out of their own creativity.

P3 Mini Book - The mini books are used to showcase the ML pupils’ talents in conveying short narrative stories which they wrote on their own. Pupils are given the freedom to express their creativity by determining the layout and design of their books complete with colourful illustrations. Selected mini books were also featured in the S2 ML Cluster publication of “Titian Minda” which is a collation of ML pupils’ writings from all S2 schools. The mini books also serve as reading materials for P1 ML pupils who still require extra help in reading.

P4 News Reporting - At the beginning of the year, the P4 ML pupils will be divided into groups of 4 to 5 members each. Every group has to choose one single major school-related event for the current year. Once the choices have been made, the pupils are tasked to take live photos of the events and are required to attach them to their own detailed write-ups on the chosen events in the form of an article / report. The pupils are free to select any of the school events from festive and commemorative concerts to official sports-based games and activities conducted in school. Prior to embarking on the project, the P4 ML pupils are briefed on the expectations of their final products so as to ensure authenticity and originality. Winning entries will be featured in the NTPS ML Blog site.

P5 Script-writing - This is a group-based project for the P5 pupils to their writing skills with the core school values as well as the CCE core values which they have learnt. The scripts that they come up with are to be streamlined with the desired moral values based on a school setting. The scripts are in the form of short scenarios to depict situations that require moral reasoning. The final scripts will be performed during one of the ML Fortnight activities.

A* Curriculum - ML STAR Programme (ML Students’ Theatre Arts Repertoire)

The ML STAR Programme is a budding programme mainly for P4, P5 and P6 ML pupils. This initiative has been developed to support some of ML Department’s key involvements this year. Namely, “My Dream Shop” competition commencing in May, national / zonal Malay drama and language competitions, as well as in-house events during MTL Fortnight and also for Hari Raya Puasa commemoration. The ML STAR is to further build on pupils’ linguistic mastery through enriching arts activities. As such, this programme is primarily linked to our A* Curriculum. This also means that the selection of pupils is not narrowed down to just talent and interest towards learning of Malay language, but is also grade-based.

ML Fortnight Activities

ML Fortnight activities serve as an impactful platform for our ML pupils to explore the Malay culture and literature through experiential learning. The mini competitions and performances help to develop the pupils’ interest towards Malay language and deepen their knowledge on the diverse aspects of the Malay heritage and culture. This also helps to expand their ML linguistic mastery in the process. The following are 2 main highlights of NTPS ML Fortnight activities which have already been conducted for 2 years in a row:-

ZOOM! NTPS - Malay Language Amazing Race

The stand-out activities during this year’s ML Fortnight would include the Malay Language Race called “ZOOM!” This is by far the most sought-after activity amongst the students, based on their unrelenting enthusiasm and eager anticipation of its commencement. After its successful precedence last year, “ZOOM!” 2013 proved to be the highlight of this year’s ML Fortnight in New Town PS.

“ZOOM!” boasts a participation of 45 pupils in total, which consists of 30 participants and 15 game facilitators. A unique feature of this activity is that it involves pupils from 3 levels (P4 - P6). Participants are divided into 5 groups of 6 and every group was represented by 2 pupils from each of the 3 levels.

Their task was to visit 5 language-based games station using the poetic clue cards they received at every station, where they need to adhere to the rules and instructions from the game facilitators. Every station is located at the different significant spots in New Town such as the covered walkway leading to the giraffe crossing, the gazebo at the eco garden, study corner behind the school canteen, indoor sports hall and the library. They will only receive tokens in the form of coloured ‘ bunga manggar’ upon completion of any game. The fastest team to report back to the starting point with the most tokens collected wins!

Interactive Story-telling by ML Teachers for P1 & P2 pupils

Another noteworthy ML Fortnight activity would be the Interactive Story-telling session by the ML teachers. NTPS ML teachers entertained our P1 and P2 pupils to an engaging and enchanting interactive story-telling session in the AVA Room. The story of choice was on the legendary folk tale of ‘ Si Tanggang’, which depicted the life story of a hardworking village boy who grew up only to defy and disown his birth mother after becoming a successful merchant and marrying a beautiful princess. He was then cursed by his grieving mother who turned him and those around him to stone. This story has seen many interpretations of its story for many decades but the main learning point would still be the repercussions of being an unfilial son.

Our pupils answered quiz questions based on the story and received many wonderful prizes. Volunteers also had the opportunity to re-enact and adlib the role of Tanggang. Some of them volunteered to play the role of the grieving mother! They were so adorable but accurate in the depiction of the characters in the story. This underlines the moral impact that the story had on them.

Immersion and Cultural Trip - Bandung, Indonesia

Our last overseas trip was back in 2012 when we visited a primary school in Penang, Malaysia, as part of our Creative Connections programme. This year, selected P5 ML pupils will be embarking on an overseas learning journey to the Bandung, a city in the Western Java Island of Indonesia. This trip will be a cultural exchange and learning experience for our pupils. From this programme, we hope to provide our pupils the opportunity to immerse in a social environment where Bahasa Indonesia, a sub-Malay variation is used. The pupils will also get to experience life and local cultural performances within the culturally-rich and tradition-oriented Bandung community, comprising mainly people of Sundanese origin. They are also well known for their graceful and gracious disposition. In doing so, pupils will also be able to delve into the history of Indonesia during the pre and post Dutch Colonial rule of almost 300 years. We hope to have a fruitful and successful trip!


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