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A Science loving environment that stimulates children's curiosity and the love for nature.


In line with MOE's initiative of TLLM, science teachers use the 5E Instructional Model to plan and structure their inquiry-based science lessons. The 5Es are Engage, Explore, Explain, Evaluate and Extend. This guides pupils to move from concrete experiences, to the development of understanding of concepts and the application of concepts.

With the white space introduced in the new science syllabus, additional investigative activities are planned for P3 to P6 pupils to extend their learning.


The Science department also organizes the following programmes to enrich the pupils' learning.

Learning Journeys

Science teachers organize learning journeys for pupils to learn beyond the confines of the classrooms. These journeys aim to complement and support the school's science curriculum. The levels will be learning from the different places

P3 - Singapore Science Centre.
P4 - Maths and Science Trail @ Hort Park
P5 - Newater plant
P6 - Singapore Science Centre

Science Trail @ Eco-garden for Lower Primary pupils

Lower Primary pupils are introduced to the rich diversity of flora and fauna in the school eco-garden. They learn about the uses of the plants, garden animals and the relationship between plants and animals.

Practical Test

The practical test is part of the alternative modes of assessment for P3 to P5 pupils. The marks will be calculated as part of their CA2.


The department integrates science into the P1 & P2 STELLAR Programme which introduce pupils to the world of animals and plants. Pupils observe the life cycle of butterflies and record their observations. They also grow their own plants and observe its growth.


To support the school's effort in recycling, pupils use recycled plastic bottles for model making and for planting of plants.

Holistic Assessment (HA)

The department will be embarking on HA for P3 in 2014. The aim of HA is for the teachers to provide qualitative and quantitative feedback on the pupils’ progress so that the pupils can improve in their learning.