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Student Management


Every pupil to be self-disciplined with good, sound social and moral values and become an asset to the home, school and society.


  1. Character Education on school values
  2. Form Teacher Guidance Period on Life-skill lessons
  3. Community Involvement Projects (incorporates Service Learning projects fro P3 to P6)
  4. Sexuality Education
  5. Cyberwellness Programme
  6. Career Guidance Programme
  7. Counselling Programme
  8. Pupil Leadership Development Programme
  9. P1 Buddy Programme
  10. Breakfast Programme

Support for pupils

  1. MOE Financial Assistance Scheme
  2. SAC Food-card & Transport
  3. Food from the Heart
  4. Support Programme- Self-help Groups (SINDA & CDAC)
  5. Enhanced STEP-UP Programme
  6. School Family Education

Pupil Support Team

  1. Counselling(Social & Emotional)
  2. LSP/LSM (Academic)
  3. AED (Learning Behavioural Support)
  4. External Agencies eg. DAS,FSC, REACH,Beyond.