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Glossary of Acronyms

References & Resources (Source)
AEDAllied Educator 
AES Aesthetics (Art & Crafts, Music, Performing Arts) Aesthetics (NTPS)
ASM Assembly  
Assistant Year Head
CA Continual Assessment  
CCA Co-Curricular Activities CCA (NTPS)
CCE Character & Citizenship Education
CDACChinese Development Assistance CouncilCDAC
CDP Character Development Programme  
Chinese Language
CNYChinese New Year
Desired Outcomes of Education
Direct School AdmissionDSA (MOE)
EL English Language EL (NTPS)
FAS Financial Assistance Scheme FAS (MOE), FAS Infographic (MOE)
FCL Foundation Chinese Language CL (NTPS)
FEL Foundation English Language EL (NTPS)
FMA Foundation Mathematics
FML Foundation Malay Language
FMS Family Matters @ School FM@S
FMT Foundation Mother Tongue
FSC Foundation Science  SC (NTPS)
FTL Foundation Tamil Language  TL (NTPS)
FTGP Form Teacher Guidance Period  
GEP Gifted Education Programme  
HA Holistic Assessment  
HBL Home Based Learning  
HCL Higher Chinese Language  CL (NTPS)
HE Health EducationHE (NTPS)
HML Higher Malay Language  
HMT Higher Mother Tongue  
HOD Head of Department  
HTL Higher Tamil Language TL (NTPS)
ICAS International Competitions & Assessments for Schools ICAS
ICT Infocomm Technology ICT (NTPS)
LBS Learning & Behavioural Support  
LC Listening Comprehension  
LH Level Head  
LP Lower Primary (Primary 1 & Primary 2)  
LSM Learning Support for Mathematics Learning Support (MOE)
LSP Learning Support Programme Learning Support (MOE)
MA Mathematics MA (NTPS)
MDI Management of Data & Information
ML Malay Language ML (NTPS)
MP Middle Primary (Primary 3 & Primary 4)  
MPS Meet the Parents Session
Mother Tongue Languages
MU Music
NAPFA National Physical Fitness Award  
NASA No-After-School-Activities  
NE National Education NE (NTPS)
NLB National Library Board kidsREAD (NLB)
NTIL Non-Tamil Indian Language
NTPS New Town Primary School  
OLE Outdoor Learning Experience  
PAL Programme for Active Learning PAL (NTPS)
PE Physical Education PE (NTPS)
PERI Primary Education Review and Implementation PERI Recommendations (MOE)
Progress in International Reading Literacy Study

PSG Parents Support Group PSG (NTPS), PSG website, PSG FB
PSLE Primary School Leaving Examination PSLE Information (SEAB)
Question-Answer Relationship
SA Semestral Assessment  
SC Science Science (NTPS)
SBB Subject Based Banding
SCC Student Care Centre
Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board
SEd Sexuality Education SEd (NTPS)
Social and Emotional Learning

SH Subject Head  
SS Social Studies  
SSD School Staff Developer  
STELLAR Strategies for English Language Learning and Reading
TL Tamil Language TL (NTPS)
T/L Teaching & Learning  
UP Upper Primary (Primary 5 & Primary 6)  
VIA Values in Action VIA (NTPS)        
VP Vice Principal  
YH Year Head  
 21CC 21st Century Competencies
 21CC (MOE)