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Parent - Teacher Communication

Effective parent-school communication plays a big role in helping your child to have a positive school experience. It also helps you to stay connected with your child’s day-to-day life. Children benefit tremendously when parents and school are on the same page.

Communication Channels

a) NTPS Student’s Handbook
Please write your note in your child’s handbook and ask him/her to show it to his/her teachers. Our teachers will acknowledge your note after reading it.
b) Email
All our teachers’ email addresses are listed on our school website under About Us – School Staff.
Our teachers will respond to your emails within three working days.
c) Telephone calls
To communicate by phone, please call the school mainline at 6474 8805 during school office hours and leave your name, child’s name and telephone number for the teacher to return your call when he/she is available.
If you need to meet your child's teacher, please arrange for an appointment at least two days in advance. Otherwise, it will be difficult for teachers to leave their classes unattended in order to speak with you. We would also like to request for all such meetings to be conducted after curriculum hours, so that teachers can focus on their teaching duties.
Upon your arrival in school for the pre-arranged meeting, please proceed to the General Office, where the receptionist will notify the teacher on your behalf.
We appreciate your kind understanding. 
Thank you.