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Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)

CCA is an integral part of our students’ holistic education. Through CCA, students discover their interests and talents while developing values and competencies that will prepare them for a rapidly changing world. CCA also promotes friendships among students from diverse backgrounds as they learn, play and grow together. Participation in CCA fosters social integration and deepens students’ sense of belonging, commitment and sense of responsibility to school, community and nation.

At NTPS, every Primary 3 to Primary 6 student takes part in one CCA taken from the following options:

Clubs & Societies

Clubs & Societies CCAs allow students to explore and extend their interests in wide-ranging and specialised areas which may be knowledge-based or skills-based. Students are honed in information, communication and technical skills as they strive to grow their mastery of the specialised areas.

Innovation & Enterprise Club 

[This CCA will be phased out by end 2019.]
The Innovation & Enterprise Club is one of the youngest CCAs in the school. Members go through creative problem solving cycles where they identify some problems they face in their daily life. With guidance from their teachers-in-charge and technical experts, they perform background research and come up with creative and ingenious solutions. They turn their ideas into prototypes and products to sell to fellow schoolmates, teachers and even the public. Their ideas are vigorously tested and evaluated competitively in local and regional competitions.

Mdm Diana Yao yao_sufeng@moe.edu.sg
Mdm Sujathasujatha_shanmuganathan@moe.edu.sg

IT Media Club

The IT Media Club caters to students who are passionate about photography and aspire to be excellent photographers. Members will have opportunities to act, record and edit videos and to develop their videography skills. To enhance their IT skills, courses are conducted to engage the members in various activities as such sand animation and 3-dimension printing. Dedicated members who show potential and positive aptitude during the course are able to represent the school in various national competitions.

Ms Chia Kim Fung chia_kim_fung@moe.edu.sg
Mr Sinna Rajah  sinna_rajah_singarasoo@moe.edu.sg

English Club

The English Club members promote the love of reading to their schoolmates. They assist the school librarian in the smooth-running of the Media Resource Library. They are provided with opportunities to develop their confidence in public speaking and articulate their thoughts clearly through literacy-related games and activities. Members of the English Club are exposed to different book genres and they enjoy reading and listening to the many stories shared during our sessions.

Ms Ayesha Jagaber Yasmin ayesha_jagaber_yasmin@moe.edu.sg
Mr Sim Liyang sim_liyang@moe.edu.sg
Ms Karen Mohankaren_kanchana_mohan@moe.edu.sg

Math Club

[This CCA will be phased out by end 2019.]
The Math Club promotes a fun way of learning Mathematics through games, puzzles and mini projects. It provides opportunities for members to showcase their talents and skills through active participation in school-based mass training sessions, cluster and national competitions. Through these experiences, members’ confidence and leadership qualities are developed.

Ms Tan Lee Lee tan_lee_lee_b@moe.edu.sg
Mr Gary Leelee_wee_kiong@moe.edu.sg 

Robotics Club

The Robotics Club provides opportunities for members to learn the basic construction and programming skills to build a robot that can achieve certain tasks. Experienced facilitators help members to acquire valuable knowledge and collaboration skills. Dedicated members who show improvements through the guided lessons are able to represent the school in various competitions such as the National Junior Robotics Competition and Singapore Tech Challenge.

Mr Ken Tan tan_hoong_kee@moe.edu.sg
Mdm Yeoh Ying Ting yeoh_ying_ting@moe.edu.sg

Science & Environment Club

[This CCA will be phased out by end 2019.]
The Science & Environment Club provides a platform for members to explore science topics and areas beyond the primary school curriculum through self-discovery and active engagement. Members also participate in the Young Scientist Badge Scheme. To cultivate a love for the environment, members learn about environmental issues and are also appointed as green advocates to help spread green messages and carry out activities during the Youth for Environment Week.  

Mdm Koh Choon Hia koh_choon_hia@moe.edu.sg
Ms Tan Pek Che tan_pek_che@moe.edu.sg

Physical Sports

Building upon the Physical Education (PE) programme to build a strong foundation for the development of broad-based physical competencies and opportunities for recreational participation, Physical Sports CCAs caters to students with interest at both recreational and competitive levels. Physical Sports CCA develop robustness, fair play and team spirit in students as they become active and physically competent individuals.


Badminton promotes an active and healthy lifestyle amongst the members. The objective is to allow the members to demonstrate the spirit of fair play, teamwork and sportsmanship on and off the court as they train and play hard. Under the guidance of our dedicated and talented coach, members are provided with weekly systematic and professional training to improve their badminton skills and build up their stamina and endurance. School team members strive to do their best in the annual South Zone Primary School Badminton tournament.

Mr Chan Yong Hao chan_yong_hao@moe.edu.sg
Mr Ryan Adam ryan_adam_abu_hassan@moe.edu.sg
Mr Jason Tantan_swee_chye@moe.edu.sg


Basketball is one of the most popular, fast-paced sports in the world which requires players to be fit and disciplined. Opportunities are provided for members to develop fundamental movement skills of basketball and instil values such as self-discipline, resilience, team spirit and sportsmanship. Members who show potential or exhibit positive aptitude will be able to represent the school in competitions.

Mrs Tan Hui Ling lee_hui_ling_c@moe.edu.sg
Mr Sebastian Tan tan_wei_lun_sebastian@moe.edu.sg
Mr David Ee  ee_chin_siang@moe.edu.sg


Football is a popular outdoor sport that provides excitement and fun for both the players as well as the spectators. Members are equipped with basic skills, rules and principles of football. Through regular trainings, members are inculcated with values such as discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship and aspirations for excellence. To allow greater exposure, members participate in the annual South Zone Primary School Football tournament and friendly matches. 

Mr Amirr Hamzah amirr_hamzah_haji_abdul@moe.edu.sg
Mr Mohammad Najib  mohammad_najib_abdul_rahman@moe.edu.sg
Ms Loh Yan Pingloh_yan_ping@moe.edu.sg


Netball is a sport derived from early versions of basketball which involves fundamental movement skills such as running, jumping, throwing and catching. Through fun activities and modified games, members learn basic netball skills to help them improve their motor skills, agility, endurance and overall fitness level. As they learn to work together, members develop teamwork and resilience and improve their social and communication skills.

Mdm Esther Goh goh_gek_puay_esther@moe.edu.sg
Mrs Daffidil Wongkoh_xin_mei_daffodil@moe.edu.sg
Mdm Sum Pui See sum_pui_see@moe.edu.sg
Ms Yip Joo Yeeyip_joo_yee@moe.edu.sg


[This CCA will be phased out by end 2019.]
Tchoukball is a fast growing non-contact sport in Singapore which fuses elements of handball, volleyball and squash. Thus, it hones fundamental movement skills. As a team sport, it is a great platform for members to develop team spirit and camaraderie. It also provides opportunities for members to display leadership abilities.

Mr Iskandar  mohamad_iskandar_mohd_yaakop@moe.edu.sg
Mr Tan Kai Chin tan_kai_chin@moe.edu.sg

Uniformed Groups

Uniformed Group CCAs aim to make good citizens of students by providing authentic learning experiences which will help them develop important qualities such as self-reliance, leadership, resilience, discipline, teamwork and a spirit of service to others.


Brownies are part of the Guiding movement where girls develop their fullest potential as responsible citizens of the world. Our Brownies acquire knowledge and skills through games and play. They get to learn skills such as tying knots, painting, baking, singing and dancing. They are trained to be leaders and to serve with humility. 

Mdm Aqidah nurul_ain_aqidah_rosli@moe.edu.sg
Mdm Karen Lee  tan_yam_chua@moe.edu.sg
Mrs Perlin Ng perlin_astrid_wong@moe.edu.sg

Red Cross

In line with the mission of the Singapore Red Cross Society, Red Cross aims to build a community of young leaders who are achievers, socially responsible and embrace humanitarian values. Values such as compassion and empathy are emphasised through community engagement. Our Link members will be equipped with the necessary first aid knowledge such as dressing simple wounds and tying arm slings. They are also given the opportunity to demonstrate their proficiency in competitions such as the Red Cross National First Aid Competition. The CCA hopes to play a part in helping to achieve the national goal of having a first aider in every home by 2020.

Ms Masnurie  masnurie_mohamed_ramli@moe.edu.sg
Mdm Noraininoraini_karsani@moe.edu.sg
Mdm Yu Ranyu_ran@moe.edu.sg

Visual & Performing Arts

Visual and Performing Arts instil in students a sense of graciousness and an appreciation for the rich culture and heritage of a multi-racial society. Visual and Performing Arts CCAs provide opportunities for students to develop a lifelong passion for the arts. They also nurture students’ creative expression, enrich social, cultural and historical awareness, and build character.

Art Club

The Art Club caters to students who are passionate about visual art and crafts and want to pursue their interests to deepen their knowledge, skills and understanding of Art. Members will have the opportunity to use different mediums and work with both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional art form. They will be able to voice and interact with like-minded peers and teachers-in-charge to challenge their creativity, ideas and thoughts. Members take part in the biennial Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation, providing them with another platform to communicate, showcase and benchmark their creativity, personal voice and ideas. 

Ms Han Limin han_limin@moe.edu.sg
Ms Irene Lim lim_tong_hwee_irene@moe.edu.sg
Ms Syarinah Sanisyarinah_sani@moe.edu.sg


As a band member, important values such as dedication, commitment, resilience, diligence and camaraderie are learnt through experiencing the band programme. Besides playing an instrument, members also have the opportunity to develop and hone their leadership skills by leading practices and taking on responsibilities with guidance from their teachers-in-charge and instructors. Biennially, the members participate in the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation which creates an added dimension to the students’ learning and experiences.

Ms Radziah  radziah_kemat@moe.edu.sg
Mrs Michelle Goh michelle_goh@moe.edu.sg
Ms Chan Jia Yuchan_jia_yu@moe.edu.sg


The voice is a child’s first instrument and it is the most primitive medium used to express human emotions. These young and vibrant singers learn to use their voices with the right techniques and read scores whilst being exposed to a wide range of repertoire, ranging from classical to jazz to popular songs. They develop confidence, self-discipline and are passionate performers. A choir member can look forward to performing regularly both in school and in public, serving the community by performing to the elderly yearly and participating in the biennial Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation.

Mrs Audrey Tan gwee_jia_qi_audrey@moe.edu.sg
Ms Lim Xin Hui Geraldinelim_xin_hui_geraldine@moe.edu.sg
Ms Yu Zilingyu_ziling@moe.edu.sg

Chinese Dance

“Three minutes on stage is the result of three years of training.” Our Chinese Dance provides members with the opportunity to learn more about the Chinese culture through dance. Members learn to appreciate dance as a performing art and are continually challenged with varied dance techniques and dance forms to attain greater heights of performance. Members’ talents are showcased regularly both in school and on the national platform. Members will learn self-management, teamwork, independence and are also given the chance to take up leadership roles which is beneficial to their personal growth. 

Mdm Chua Peck Oon chua_peck_oon@moe.edu.sg
Ms Chua Wei Ling chua_wei_ling@moe.edu.sg
Ms Theresa Tham  theresa_tham_may_leng@moe.edu.sg

Indian Dance

The Indian Dance exposes its members to traditional, modern and fusion dance genres. This allows members to develop an awareness and appreciation for the different dance forms. Teachers-in-charge and the CCA instructor work closely to develop members to their fullest potential, developing their aesthetic, visual and physical understanding of dance as well as the demands of being a dancer. Members perform regularly at school events for the public and participate in the biennial Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation. Through these experiences, members’ confidence and self-esteem are developed. 

Mdm Zahirah Banuzahirah_banu_mohamed_ally@moe.edu.sg
Ms G.Sobitha gurunath_sobitha@moe.edu.sg

International Dance

International Dance supports its members in their pursuits to be better dancers. Members are exposed to a wide range of genres such as hip-hop and contemporary dance, honing their dance and performance skills through various platforms that showcase their talents, such as the school’s Open House and the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation. In addition, members are taught life skills as they are entrusted with leadership positions where they have to work as a team. Through the rigorous and fun training, they grow into resilient and confident individuals. 

Mdm Vivian Ong ong_chin_chian@moe.edu.sg
Ms Ruziah Ahmad ruziah_ahmad@moe.edu.sg

Malay Dance

There are many Malay traditional dances such as Zapin, Joget and Inang Masri. The objectives of the Malay Dance are to inculcate members’ interest in the dance forms and its connection to the Malay culture by understanding its historical role. Members learn the differences between these dances as they prepare for performances first-hand. Perseverance, commitment, friendship and a willingness to work hard to present graceful yet captivating dances to its audience are common traits of its members. The Malay Dance is one of the school’s oldest Dance CCA and a veteran at the Singapore Youth Festival.

Mdm Hartini  hartini_abdul_rahman@moe.edu.sg
Mdm Norlela  norlela_nor_baidin@moe.edu.sg
Mrs Lily Nadan lily_k_kavunni_eradi@moe.edu.sg