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Student Leadership (LLP)

A Leader in Every Child

Learning for Life @ New Town Primary School

Our student leadership development programme ‘A Leader in Every Child’ was recognised as the school’s Learning for Life Programme (LLP) by MOE in 2017. The LLP provides students with real-life experiences to develop character and values, cultivate positive attitudes, self-expression and strengthen their people skills. 

NTPS Students: ‘Ready to Serve’
The school’s 3-tiered leadership development programme is designed to cater to the differing interests, talents and aptitudes of all student leaders. By helping our students to discover and develop their unique strengths, interests and competencies through customised leadership platforms and opportunities for meaningful learning experiences, they will be able to make a positive difference in their sphere of influence.

Tier 1
The school motto ‘Ready to Serve’ is a belief that leadership is about service to others. The focus at Tier 1 is to develop students who are strongly rooted in the school values and are thus, committed to make a positive difference at home, in school or the community. The Values-in-Action (VIA) project is a platform for students to take greater ownership in identifying and empathising with home (P1-P2), school (P3-P4) and community issues (P5-P6), and initiating action among their peers to make a positive difference. Apart from using the Heart-Head-Hands Approach to brainstorm and problem solve, students also demonstrate both self and team leadership skills as they set S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely) goals and collaborate effectively with their peers to work towards a shared vision.

Tier 2
With a stronger awareness of their leadership traits, strengths and interests, the development of student leaders at Tier 2 focuses on equipping students with the competencies to develop them in their specialised leadership roles within their class or CCAs. Identified students with a keen interest in the curricular or co-curricular domains such as Physical Education or Cyberwellness are provided with baseline leadership skills training and on-the-job training in their area of interest to initiate and lead activities within their class. Many programmes in school, such as Active Recess and Tips of the Week different topics, are helmed by passionate Tier 2 student leaders.  

At school events such as our annual Open House, Tier 2 student leaders take centrestage and play the important role of ambassadors for New Town Primary School to share with visitors the joy of learning at the school. At school celebrations, they also take the lead in hosting concerts and ensuing that both staff and students enjoy the festivities. 

Tier 3
At Tier 3, the epitome of student leadership at NTPS, the focus is on developing prefects and CCA leaders as student mentors. Identified student leaders at Tier 3 are also endorsed by their peers as EXCO members through a rigorous voting process involving the school leaders and teachers as well. 

Led by students for students, the Tier 3 student leaders undergo customised training in Restorative Circle process and Public Speaking skills to equip them with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to lead their peers confidently. 

Throughout the course of the year, the Tier 3 student leaders hone their leadership skills by leveraging opportunities to lead the school during morning assembly, plan and conduct teambuilding activities to guide their peers in understanding their roles and responsibilities as Tier 2 student leaders. They also facilitate Circle Time activities amongst their peers and lead community outreach activities to spread awareness of social causes important to them.