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Values-in-Action (VIA)


What is Values-in-Action (VIA)?

VIA is an important component of Character and Citizenship Education. They are learning experiences that support students' development as socially responsible citizens who contribute meaningfully to the community through the learning and application of values, knowledge and skills. VIA fosters student ownership over how they contribute to the community. As part of VIA, students reflect on their experience, the values they have put into practice, and how they can continue to contribute meaningfully.

VIA Experiences

In NTPS, all Primary 1 to 6 students will be involved in various experiences. Parents are encouraged to participate and reinforce the values taught in school through a segment in the reflection, "Family Time". 

Primary 1Theme: Care for oneself
VIA P1.jpg
Experience: Develop personal well-being through daily habits
Form Teachers will guide pupils to learn how to manage emotions as they begin the year, learning lifeskills e.g. packing their school bags and work stations, tidying their attires and basic time management skills.

Primary 2Theme: Care for the school 
VIA P2.jpg
Experience: Adopt a shared space in school 
Discussing through actual problems of restroom usage, the pupils are led into identifying areas of concerns and propose ways to encourage other pupils in the other levels to practice good toilet hygiene.

Primary 3Theme: Care for the school community 
VIA P3.jpg
Experience: NEA Buddy Cleaning 
Working with NEA, the pupils are taught cleaning skills and how to identify the cleaning equipment. Not just skills, they are taught the importance of keeping a clean and conducive environment in school. The pupils are encouraged to go beyond and will be provided materials to bring home to conduct cleaning for their households too!

Primary 4Theme: Care for the school community 
Experience: Agents of Kindness  
The P4 pupils will be taught conversational skills to communicate with elders from the nursing home as they visit the school during events. The aim is for these pupils to understand the importance of respect, love and care towards the seniors of our society. This programme aims to educate the pupils on national issues that are pervasive, which in this case would be the aging population, a real life situation faced beyond school context.

Primary 5Theme: Care for the community 
VIA P5.jpg
Experience: Raising awareness of community issues
P5 pupils are given the opportunities to discuss how aging population have resulted in a larger senior community. Progressing from P4’s experience, the pupils now progressed to design suitable activities / games / therapy material and create the product in their VIA groups. The pupils are to consider the contraints of the seniors and think through with care the suitability of their product and make adjustments along the way.
News Article: Spore ageing at faster pace than a decade ago 

Primary 6Theme: Care for the community 
VIA P6.jpg
Experience: Interaction with seniors in the community
P6 pupils will take their products (created in P5) to pay the seniors a visit. During the visit, the pupils will make use of their products to hold conversations and interact with the seniors. This grants them an actual platform to establish contact with the seniors and also to reflect on their learning experiences, pertaining to values of love, care and respect.